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Triveni Group, established in 1999, excels in processing and importing premium agricultural commodities, including Whole spices, Mustard DOC, and Pet Prefom. Renowned globally, they prioritize customer needs and strict standards.


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 We have Expertise in all the given Fields:

  1. Whole spices Suppliers in India
  2. Pet perform for water bottles
  3. Mustard DOC Manufacturer India

We are Producing key ingredients to enhance the versatility and quality of food and beverages. Triveni Group is a leading diversified project company with a presence in:

  • Manufacturing of PET Bottle Preform
  • Trading of whole spices
  • Supplying of Whole Spices and Mustard DOC
  • Importing of spices of all Kind.
  • Whole spices Suppliers in India

Our products are making its mark all across the country because of their quality and rich aroma.

Our Proud

24 Years of Experience

Since 1999, Triveni Group has specialized in processing and importing high-quality agricultural products such as whole spices, Mustard DOC, and Pet Prefom. With a global reputation, the company emphasizes meeting customer requirements and maintaining rigorous standards.

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Our Wide Range of Products

Here are some of our products, and more to come…

We offer High Quality Products

Triveni Group: Pioneering a World of Superior Agricultural Products and Sustainable Solutions.

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What we do

Our Industry Verticals

  • We are whole spices Suppliers in India like Mace, Cloves (Lalpari clove, Madagascar Clove & Colombo clove) Cinnamon, Star anise, etc.
  • We are also the Mustard DOC Manufacturer in India
  • Also, we do Manufacturing PET   Preform for Water, Juices & Edible oil bottles.
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Best Pet Perform
Mustard DOC Manufacturer

How we can help you


As we are the Whole spices Suppliers in India and Pet preform for water bottles & also Mustard DOC Manufacturer India. So, Buying from Directly Manufacturer or supplier gives you a relief from problems like low quality, delayed delivery etc. Our Customers are successfully growing their profit margins and also getting a good customer satisfaction feedback.

Our Certifications

Quality & Industry Certification

At Triveni, we follow International Standards for maintaining our product’s quality.

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Happy Customers Are Our Prime Assets

  • Do you know? 60% of our customers are our Repeat Customers.

  • 38% of our new customers come with a reference or from word of mouth.

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